Thursday, August 26, 2010

no!no! Review in the Works

Tuesday morning was a pretty dull one for me (who knows why).  I found myself randomly surfing the web, reading about all sorts of different topics, when an article on shaving piqued my interest...

SheFinds Article

The first thing I see is this awesome, iPod-looking contraption called the no!no! Hair 8800.  It claims to not only remove unwanted hair, but significantly slow/decrease hair growth over time.  Initially I thought this was another at-home laser gadget (some of these work, but others don't and have horrible stories about 1st and 2nd degree burns, yuck).  I was wrong, however.  The no!no! is designed to use heat, but not light.  A pulse of heat is sent down the shaft of the hair, into the follicle, where it damages that follicle (thus inhibiting hair growth next time around).  The awesome part, unlike a laser, is that this device does actually remove hair at the same time!  I can remember going in for expensive laser hair removal treatments in Atlanta and thinking the entire process was so strange, given you had to actually shave prior to receiving treatment.

Immediately I was hooked.  I spent the next couple hours scouring the internet for reviews.  I found that the no!no! has, indeed, been on the market for a while, but only recently had an update and is now the "8800."  The old device didn't get great reviews, but the new device has some pretty hooked consumers based on what I have read.  After determining that this is definitely a product worth trying, I did a quick google shopping search, followed by a Discover Card shopping search (to see if I could get cash back at any of the retailers).  Based on price and the number of accessories included, I went with Neiman Marcus.  I was able to find a coupon code from for free shipping (saving me about $18.50).

At the last minute I decided to upgrade to FedEx 2nd Day Air shipping...who can wait for a revolutionary product like this? Certainly not yours truly.  My grand total was $260.  This had better be amazing.  Oh well, even if it is not, I figure I am paying homage to Cole since his favorite phrase is "nonononono."

I plan to take some pictures and give you a full review of the product...stay tuned.

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