Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lost But Not Gone

This past week has been a total blur for the family.  Two weeks ago we went to New York and had a great time staying in West Greenwich Village at the Washington Square Hotel.  We shopped and ate at some pretty spectacular places (including Babbo, a place that took Sam months to get reservations for).  Getting to NYC was tough as AirTran (idiots) cancelled our flight there due to a scheduling error (namely lack of pilot).  Other than that, things went well with both the Cocorro car seat and the Maclaren stroller, both awesome choices for NYC.

We got back on Saturday evening and the following day Sally (Jake's sister) and I started our Suzuki training.  As of last week we are officially certified to teach violin volume one of the Suzuki Method after a (sometimes grueling) 8 day training at the I AM Festival here in Indy.  We finished everything up on Sunday morning at 9am, which was a huge relief.

Speaking of relief, I have never felt relief like I felt on Saturday evening.  Stephanie (Jake's mom), Sally, and I went outside in our fully fenced backyard to brush Bella & Simba.  Lilly, their tiny white dog, followed us and began sniffing around the yard harmlessly.  We noticed Lilly went up on a neighbor's porch and was looking at some flowers or whatnot, but then about 5 minutes later she wasn't there.  I started panicking because she is the size of a guinea pig and could definitely fit through the fence if she wanted to.  Lilly is used to exploring around Sally's house in a very rural I knew that in this urban environment she would not be in her "comfort zone."

We walked everywhere...and then drove everywhere...for 2.5 hours.  I just knew we would never find her because it was as close as I have come to trying to find a needle in a haystack.  I kept praying that one of us would be in the right place at the right time to catch a glimpse of her somewhere.  Jake was driving the Odyssey and Stephanie was riding in the passenger's seat while Sally rode in the back seat.  They were in an incredibly sketchy area east of College, a good dozen blocks from our house, when Sally and Stephanie started screaming that they saw her.  Jake threw the van in reverse and he and Sally got out while Stephanie stayed to "watch the car" (aka keep it from being stolen...nice).

It really was Lilly, but by now she was brown instead of white and sadly she was running as fast as possible away from both Sally and Jake as they called her name.  Out of the blue three large, bully breed dogs stepped out in front of Lilly and were snarling, probably because they were about to eat her for a late dinner.  Luckily Lilly cowered and Jake had just enough time to run to her and grab her...naturally she bit him, nice, but he wasn't hurt.  She, however, was totally traumatized by this were we all.  I felt more relief when Sally called to tell me they found her than I have ever felt in my entire life...  Meanwhile, back at the ranch...we were able to finish our certification the following day and didn't have to worry that Lilly was lost somewhere in Indianapolis.

Cole did pretty well during our training, but sadly he developed hand, foot, & mouth disease.  Of course Jake also got it, and I think I have it now as well...lucky for us adults tend to get a much milder form of the virus.  Cole has had zero appetite for the past couple of days, but tonight at dinner he ate quite a bit, so he is on the road to recovery.

Also, in baby gear news, today I was able to test drive a few strollers I have been looking at, namely the Phil & Teds Vibe, Britax B-Ready, and Baby Jogger City Select.  Out of the three, the City Select totally took the others out when it came to overall maneuverability, function, and style.  All three strollers are what I call a "plus one" where they easily turn into a double while maintaining the footprint of a single stroller.  And the answer is no, we are NOT pregnant.  Recently I have had friends become pregnant with their second child and the first question I get asked is what double stroller I would recommend.  Since I had never really done much research on this all-important aspect of baby gear, I thought I should do my part.  In honor of the Baby Jogger City Select, I will post the following picture that shows all 16 different configurations for this amazing stroller:

And here is tennis player Roger Federer and wife Mirka with their twins in the City Select:

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