Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our House is SOLD!

"What?  But Amanda, I didn't know you put your house on the market?"'re right, we didn't.  I guess you could say our house spontaneously sold itself.  Good to know we have such a desired property.

Today around 2:00 PM I walked outside to check our mailbox.  We had a ton of junk mail (no surprise), and a packet of information in a white envelope from Kirkpatrick Management Company, our Home Owner's Association.  Jake and I have NOT had a good experience with them in the past, so when I saw this I rolled my eyes, immediately thinking that they were (yet again) raising our monthly HOA fee.

I look down at the bottom of the envelope to see that the name in the window panel is "Rajan Mehra & Chaya Mehra," and below the names was our correct address.  I opened up the packet...

"Dear Rajan & Chaya Mehra,

Congratulations on your new home!..."

I just knew they had the wrong address and was NOT surprised to see this.  Again, I have not been impressed by their performance in the past (understatement of the year).  In fact, back in 2007 when we closed on the house I had to call them about 6 different times just to find out about the HOA fee, where to pay, how to pay, etc.  It was beyond ironic that now I am *finally* receiving this "welcome" package 3 years later, but they still don't even have our name correct.

I decide, out of the goodness of my heart (ha), to call the management company and let them know that they have made a mistake and will need to correct the address so that this new family will be able to pay their (extremely high) HOA fee each month.  After explaining my situation to the receptionist who certainly had no idea what I was talking about, I was patched through to the closing manager.

I introduced myself and told the manager where I lived and said that I had received this welcome package by mistake.  To my absolute horror she rudely stated that she knew where I lived (of course...?) and that I was at the closing on our property last week...?!?!?!  I had to take a breath or else I would have screamed and thrown the phone. 

Me: Closing?
Manager: Yes, on (my address).
Me: I'm sorry, I still live here at (my address) and have since 2006.
Manager: (Humph) I realize this, you and your husband Jacob Eichenberger were listed as the sellers.
Me: We never put our home on the market.
Manager: Well we just moved the Mehra's in on the 17th...
Me: WELL the Mehra's are certainly not living here with us at (my address).
Manager: What is your phone number?  I'll have to look up the closing and straighten this out.  I'll call you back.

This all happened at 2:15 PM today.  I called her back and left a voicemail at 4:00 PM (the receptionist told me she was on the other line...right).  I have still yet to hear back from her...I figure either this ridiculous company fixes their problem or I take action (forgery anyone?) and Jake gets free medical school and I get a second Orbit.

Take your pick Kirkpatrick.

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