Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Traveling

Cole and I are back in Southern Indiana, our home away from home, with the in-laws after a great (but short) visit to Nashville.  We stayed with Kyle and Tiff, our AWESOME friends, and I am happy to say that Jill flew out to visit with everyone as well!

We had an awesome time at this amazing indoor playground called "The Monkey's Treehouse" in Bellevue with Cara and Honor, some friends of ours.  Honor and Cole definitely had a blast crawling and climbing all over the place...they were in heaven.

And the next day the weather was excellent (but HOT) for Cole's birthday bash at Centennial Park.  I had forgotten what a nice playground facility they have.  Needless to say Honor and Cole AGAIN managed to crawl all over the place for over two hours on the playground...we need one of those same ones in Indy!

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