Friday, July 2, 2010

A Day in the Life

Our schedule has been a fairly precarious thing since last July.  Fortunately over the past couple months we have managed to develop a fairly workable I'll share that with you.

7:00 AM  alarm goes off, (sometimes shower, lol), dress, make bed, and if I have time I'll go ahead and wash my face/put on makeup/yada yada
7:15 AM  Cole wakes up, although I let him chatter for a while
7:30 AM  Get Cole up for the day, change his diaper, take him downstairs, and get the (barking) dogs out of their "hole"...aka the half bath
7:45 AM  Breakfast with Cole which consists of some kind of fruit & cream oatmeal, some dry cereal (right now we're on Apple Jacks), and whole milk
8:00 AM  Playtime in the living room, typically with a DVR'd Noggin show on in the background like Oswald, Olivia, Go Diego Go, or The Backyardigans
9:00 AM  Morning nap for Cole, and sometimes myself
10:15 AM  Cole is up - change his diaper and get him dressed for the day; go downstairs for sippy cup of milk
10:45 AM  This is the time when we run errands for the day - grocery, Target, dry cleaning, YMCA, you get the picture
12:00 PM  Lunch
2:00 PM  After multiple meltdowns already, this is Cole's afternoon nap time
4:00 PM Cole is up - outside playtime, sometimes with water, sometimes without
5:00 PM  Cole's dinner time (sometimes the same as our dinner time, just depends on Jake's schedule)
6:00 PM  Playtime
7:00 PM  Bath (every couple days, yes, we're horrible parents) & PJs
7:30 PM  Sippy cup (sometimes milk, sometimes water) & storytime
8:00 PM  Cole's bedtime

Not super exciting, but it is a work in progress.  Cole is one of those rare breeds that probably actually needs a nap every two hours in order to peacefully ge through the at 9am, noon, and 3pm.  Of course this is ironic because most kids his age are working on consolidating two naps into one by now...hmm.

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