Monday, July 5, 2010

Almost Standing on His Own!

So although Cole has been ahead of schedule on many of his milestones, walking is NOT one of those.  My gut feeling is that he is having a harder time learning to stand/walk on his own in part because he is a pretty tall guy.  The statistics show that smaller kids walk first, so we'll go with that...for now.

Over the past two or three days, however, Cole has "accidentally" stood on his own for a couple of seconds!  Most people are not excited to see their baby growing up, but this is not the case for Jake and I.  Every milestone that Cole meets is a celebration and he becomes just a tiny bit more independent and happier overall.  Much of the day is still spent in tears, but instead of being 90% of the day, it is closer to 50% of the day.  Improvement is improvement!

Each day we spend at least a full hour outside...crawling...on the grass, but mostly the sidewalk (I know, he's a tough guy when he wants to be).  Cole loves getting in and out of his cozy coupe...opening and closing the door.  And above all else he loves watching our neighbor's little girls, Greta and Caroline, who love watching our dogs ;-)  When it gets super hot we bust out the sprinkler pool where Cole drinks hose water to his heart's content.

Right now life is pretty good :-D  Cole and I leave Wednesday for Nashville to visit with Kyle, Tiff, & Jill and have a playdate with Cara & Honor, which should be awesome!  After that we'll be in southern Indiana for Cole's birthday party...lots of fun ahead!

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