Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Watch Out New York City - Here Comes Cole

It is official---Cole and I will be flying to NYC at the end of July to visit Sam, currently attending summer school at the Duke in New York program.  Ever since having Cole, our motto has become "Travel Light," and going to New York with a baby will be no different.

Let me first say I would LOVE to bring the Orbit, especially since it was exclusively designed for travel in major metropolitan areas like New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and on and on.  Although I still love our Orbit, I know that it will be easier with a lightweight car seat and umbrella stroller, especially on the crowded streets of New York.

After weeks of research on convertible car seats, we are about 95% certain about the Combi Coccoro, weighing in at a mere 11 lbs (compared to our Orbit Toddler Convertible at 21 lbs) and shown below. 

The Coccoro in Chestnut
Based on reviews, we are thinking that chestnut will be our best bet since some of the lighter colors tend to show dirt.  If this wasn't an issue, we would probably get the Coccoro in Cool Mint, shown below.

The Coccoro in Cool Mint

In addition to the all-important car seat for the plane and occassional taxi ride, Cole's new home will become our Maclaren Quest stroller.  As far as sleeping goes, we could easily bring our new Phil & Teds traveller portable crib along for the ride, but we will first check with the hotel to see if they will provide a crib.

Speaking of hotels...I need to do some research on some hotels in the area!  I'll post soon about what we decide on...

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