Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dolce Has a New Home

Although we loved her, Dolce was not super happy living in (errrr) Indianapolis with us in a three story townhome with no access to the great outdoors. Lucky for us, Jake's family was looking for a good "farm cat" to help out around their Dolce is now happily living in New Albany.

I am thinking this will help us streamline activities back at home so I can focus 100% of all of my efforts on Cole...and Bella and Simba...oh and Jake (insert this prior to Cole, lol). Having a cat really doesn't add a ton of work to your day, but if you travel often (as we have been doing and will continue doing through Jake's 4th year), it complicates things. Sadly Dolce does not enjoy car trips, to put it mildly. Right now she is living the life and is no doubt 100 times happier now that she can go outside whenever she pleases!

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