Monday, May 24, 2010

Done with Third Year - Ahead with the Fourth and LAST Year of Medical School!

Last Friday marked Jake's last day as a third year medical student. Of course it was appropriate that on Friday he took his surgery exam and it was HIDEOUS to say the least. But it is over, nonetheless. Fourth year is pretty exciting considering it is Jake's final year of medical school and we get to find out where we will be spending the next four (or more) years on Match Day (in March of 2011).

In order to get matched in March, we have to formulate our official list of preferences, but in order to do that Jake had to make a decision about what it is that he wants to do as far as specialties go. Drumroll please...after much prayer, debate, and consideration, Jake has chosen to go into...


We are both really excited that he has been able to so easily decide on a specialty, especially since it is such an important step in both our lives. There are 166 anesthesia residency programs in the United States...a ton. Jake and I have started "narrowing" down our options, if you can call it that. This process includes clearly stating the places that we simply will not live.
Sure, we have our top 10 programs that we would be totally psyched to get into, but then beyond those 10 we have 31 additional programs that would be OK to go to. For us, it is more about location at this point. Reputation is great, but for now it is just a perk. As Jake interviews I am sure his preferences will change and become more specific to each individual program.

Anyway---currently we are in Atlanta, all three of us. Cole is having a ton of fun now that Jake is here. This afternoon, prior to the afternoon nap, all three of us went swimming and Rhett, one of mom's shelties, decided to join us. Cole thought it was totally hilarious. Naturally I didn't take any pictures or video of the event, but I am hoping to do that either this evening or tomorrow (depending on the weather).

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