Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back in Atlanta

After a LONG day of driving and listening to Cole scream nonstop for 100+ miles in a row, we are finally home in Atlanta.  Today we have been busily preparing for the UK fundraiser mom & dad are having here this evening.  We also just found out that Jake has BOTH days off this weekend, so he has booked a flight to Atlanta and will be staying from Friday to Sunday, which will be great!

Friday is actually my 25th birthday, scary, and then Sunday is my *first* Mother's Day (first one NOT pregnant, that is).  I am hoping to hit up my favorite local restaurant, Taquiera del Sol, on Saturday for a late birthday lunch.

We are heating up the spa as I type this so that this afternoon Cole can swim.  The dogs will flip, but Cole should have lots of fun.  Tomorrow we are planning to go to the World of Coca Cola and then the Georgia Aquarium, both AWESOME places if you are visiting Atlanta at any point in the future.  I need to remember to bring some straws for Cole to be able to try all of the different Coke products...hahaha.  Needless to say he will be in heaven.

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