Monday, April 19, 2010


I know I haven't blogged in quite a while...such is life. This past Thursday Cole and I went to the vet before heading down to New Albany. It was HORRIBLE. Bella slipped her collar/leash and started running toward I-65 while we were in the parking lot. By some miracle she managed to come back to me, but throughout the entire visit both Bella and Simba were totally freaked out. To top it off, we spent over $500 there...nice.

After that hideous appointment, Cole and I went down to New Albany since I had an appointment to have the stent ripped out of me on Friday morning. It was a pretty good drive and Cole did well. We had a lot of fun with Sally & Scott and Cole got to spend some time with Jake's parents, which I know he loves.

The appointment for the stent removal was pretty hideous too, but not for the reason you are thinking. We arrived to the office at 10:07 AM (that is Sally, Cole, and I) for my 10:20 AM appointment. The waiting room was FILLED to the brim with people. For the first hour or so Cole was pretty much perfect. After that he was were Sally and myself. They FINALLY took me back at 11:50 AM. I know. Out of control.

The removal took a few seconds, literally, and on a pain scale of 1 to 10, it was about a 3. Really just uncomfortable, not so much painful. I have yet another follow-up appointment with a CT scan in June. I am hoping we can schedule the second lithotripsy (for the stone on the OTHER side) at that point for the same month since Jake is off (studying for step 2).

Jake decided to come up on Saturday after he got off work to watch the fireworks, so instead of Cole and I leaving Saturday afternoon, we just stayed through Sunday. It was a lot of fun to see Thunder again with family and friends at Jake's old house. We also got to eat at Tumbleweed, my personal favorite, where Cole seemed to really like their beans & rice (as did I when I was his age).

We got back home from New Albany last night after a horrible trip back with psychotic drivers from Minnesota, Illinois, and Michigan. No comment. This morning I took Cole to the doctor for his 9 month appointment. He screamed like he needed an exorcism while we waited for the doctor in the exam room. I could hear nurses and assistants talking about it...because Cole was so freaking loud.

After coming home I was SO dead tired...not sure why...but I laid down on the ground while Cole played with toys. Finally I got up and decided to put him down for a nap at 2:30pm. While reading him a story I realized that I TOTALLY SPACED ON DOLCE'S VET VISIT THAT WAS SCHEDULED FOR THIS AFTERNOON AT 2:00 PM!!! I have NEVER missed an appointment for anything. I was (and still am) so sick to even think about it. After putting Cole in his crib I ran downstairs and called them to apologize. Of course the woman thinks I am a lunatic and I wouldn't be surprised if they charged me for a missed visit. This TOTALLY ruined my day.

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