Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lithotripsy Done

My lithotripsy was done today at 11am and went fairly well. This was my very first "surgical" procedure. I totally went under...intubation and all. My throat is KILLING me and everything tastes like plastic. They also had to leave in a stent to make sure that the now tiny fragments of the massive kidney stone are able leave successfully. They will take the stent out in two weeks, which is crap. I have no idea what I will do as far as getting back home. We may end up staying here for two additional weeks simply because there is no one in Indy to watch Cole when I go back for my follow-ups. I am definitely glad this part is over, but I am freaked out about the OTHER kidney stone that is currently asymptomatic and just sitting in my kidney for the time being. I CERTAINLY am not going to go through this ridiculous process again to get that one to leave...we'll see.

On the plus side, Cole's entire attitude has changed dramatically. He has been a VERY happy baby recently and I am loving it!

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Luke & Ashley Ernstberger said...

Wow...sounds horrible! Please let me know if you need any help when you get back to Indy.