Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kidney Stone...s

I apologize to all 2 of you for neglecting this blog over the past week or so. We went down to southern Indiana to visit with Jake's parents last weekend. The trip was uneventful, that is until early Sunday morning. At 1:15 AM I woke up with moderate pain in my back on the right side. I decided to get up and see about taking an advil or something, but as soon as I got to the bathroom the pain had escalated. I tried walking around, but by this point the pain was probably a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. Keep in mind my labor pain with Cole never really got above a 7...and the kidney stone I had a couple of weeks before Cole was born was probably an 8.

At least this time I had a pretty good idea what the pain was...I woke Jake up and told him I needed an ambulance. Jake woke his parents up and his dad gave me 2 Vicodin, which did nothing sadly. Jake drove me to the hospital where they were EXCELLENT---thanks to Jake's dad I was immediately taken back to triage and spent zero time waiting. They got an IV started and pumped me full of morphine & phenergen (for any nausea from the pain meds). I had a CT scan which revealed my ridiculous kidney stone - 7mm. Ridiculous!

I was sent home with plenty of pain meds & an antibiotic and we were going to watch/wait to see if I could pass the stone. Jake and I decided that given my condition, Cole and I would stay with Jake's parents this week while Jake went back to finish up his current rotation. On Monday I went to Priority Radiology for an x-ray and then went to see a Urologist. The doctor told me that I actually had TWO massive stones---the 7mm one that was moving and a 6mm one that is just hanging out in my kidney, NOT moving (yet). He scheduled me in for a lithotripsy, where they go in and "blast" the stone with sound waves, on Wednesday.

I will be prepped at 9:30am and will have the procedure done at 11am. I know everything will be fine, but I am NOT looking forward to being sedated. I do not like pain meds...they make me feel strange. But everything should be pretty good...and there is still hope that I will pass the dang thing tonight...which would be awesome.

Needless to say I am going to need to make a huge change in my diet---no more chocolate and LOTS of water/fluids each day. I have always been horrible about drinking enough, but with pregnancy and then nursing, I know I NEED a ton of water...otherwise I turn into a kidney stone factory.

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