Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Post for March

So I have a ton to catch up is the run down:
  • Jake and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on March 3rd which was excellent ;-) Of course we decided we would go see Shutter Island as everyone keeps talking about my mom was in town and watched Cole while we went to Glendale on March 2nd for a 4:00 showing. We smuggled in our smoothie (from Squeeze of course) and were all settled in when lo and behold the tape stopped running in the middle of the very first preview. We waited about 10 minutes before someone came out to say that there was a line down the print and that they were trying to fix it. Then about 5 minutes later another person came out and said that unfortunately that so-called line was actually the broken projector slicing through the print as it played...whoops. Thanks to some crotchety old guys in the theatre, we not only received a refund but also readmit tickets good to that theatre for the next 30 days. We thought "no biggie, we'll go tomorrow." And that we did. Mom watched Cole for us on March 3rd as we headed up to the theatre, this time to Keystone as they had a 5:10 showing that worked well for us. We walked up to the concession stand (where they were also selling tickets) and asked for 2 to Shutter Island, 2 hot dogs, and 1 large diet coke. The guy looks at us apologetically and says "I'm sorry guys, the 5:10 Shutter Island will not be playing today due to a mechanical failure." What a joke! But again, we got readmit tickets for free which was at least a nice consolation prize. Jake and I actually ended up using them that evening on Valentines Day which started at 5:15 (I know, lucky) and we really enjoyed it. I am still desperately wanting to see Shutter Island, however.
  • Well after that, the longest bulleted point in the known universe, I am not sure where to go. Currently Cole and I are in Atlanta visiting my parents. We had a pretty good flight down, thanks to mom who came up just to help us fly here and back ;-) It is never fun flying with a crapload of baby gear and a temperamental nearly 8 month old, but nonetheless it turned out OK.
  • Cole had a slight sleep regression for a couple of days getting used to his new room here in Atlanta, but I am happy to say he is back to his very new habit of sleeping 11 to 12 hours each night with ZERO wakings! I talked with the sleep consultant and just received her plan today as to how we will go about sleep training him to make sure this habit STICKS! We plan to start Friday, March will be a VERY long 3 weeks. I expect it will be difficult for quite a while after the initial 3 weeks as well...but who knows. We are definitely going to give it all we've got! Although Cole is sleeping well at night and for naps, he remains very unhappy, especially when he is around me (Amanda). I am quickly losing my patience with his whining, screaming, crying, and fussing...I have listened to it for almost 8 months now and would like for him to just suck it up and be happy for a change. Instead he essentially laughs in my face at the prospect of this.
  • Tiffany is here visiting with us in Atlanta and it has been so INCREDIBLY nice to have her here! We miss Tiff, Kyle, & Jill soooo much...part of the reason we are always hating on Indy, lol. We have had fun eating at some great places (Taquiera del Sol being one of them), and just tonight saw a great movie (Time Traveler's Wife). Sadly she leaves tomorrow (actually is pretty late) to go back to Nashville...we will miss her :-(
  • Tomorrow we go to the vacation house in Greensboro, GA where I hope to get Cole back in the pool as he has already missed one of his swim lessons and will miss one MORE on Sunday. Reynold's Plantation has a new (well maybe it is 2 years old now, but new to me) indoor pool and whirlpool. It will be great to have a way to really make him tired for his afternoon nap each day! Although I brought my camera, I have yet to actually take ANY pictures with it...hopefully I will bring it and use it at the can hope.
  • Exciting news: Luke & Ashley, our fellow med-school friends, are DANGEROUSLY close to giving birth to their first baby ;-) It could be any moment now...but at the very least the baby will be born tomorrow via induction. We are praying for them and want everything to go as planned, and if not as planned, at least go WELL!
  • Lastly Jake got his schedule for 4th year today which is GREAT for him AND me! I have been desperately wanting to know what life will be like during 4th year, and this will give me a great head start on determining some of that.
Well, I should be off to bed now...

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Tiffany said...

I had SO MUCH FUN with you and Cole, even though you might not believe me. It was great to spend time with you. We miss you and Jake and hope you three move back to Nashville ASAP. Maybe if you two come back, Jill will get her sassy butt back here, too. Hehe.