Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Separation Anxiety


No, scratch that. HATE...hate hate hate. Cole has apparently figured out exactly who I am...his own personal milk cow, but also his provider and protector. Ordinarily this would be a positive thing. For Cole the high-need infant turning quickly into the high-need toddler, this is NOT a positive. I can no longer leave him to play on the floor even for 30 seconds to freaking USE THE RESTROOM because he starts wailing like someone just beat him.

It is so bad that when Jake comes home and plays with him, if I even enter Cole's field of vision he will throw a tantrum. The crying/screaming is now just like it was when he was 6 weeks old except now he knows EXACTLY what he is doing.


Luke & Ashley Ernstberger said...

I'm sorry Amanda! That sounds really frustrating...... I have no advice....just hang in there!

Amanda E. said...

It is definitely frustrating, but I am finding ways to get around the issue (getting "ahead" of him by picking him up and literally bringing him anywhere I walk in the house, lol). Yesterday was at least 20% better, so we may actually be progressing! :-D Jake and I are thinking about you and Luke and your little one!