Monday, February 22, 2010

Electronics - the Name of the Game

I am in the process of uploading a ton of videos to YouTube, so I thought I would blog while waiting (patiently, ha) for my internet to go back to being fairly fast. Cole is definitely a mover and a shaker at this point! Yesterday and today he was diligently practicing and perfecting his "cross crawl" (belly off ground, opposite arm & leg move at the same time) which is awesome as typically he just uses a modified army crawl. He is absolutely in love with electronics...Jake's iPod touch, my touchscreen phone, any of the laptops...oh and of course, the cords!

In fact, I am on my laptop now for the very first time in almost a week. This is due to the fact that Cole literally shorted out my mac laptop charger by shoving the end of it in his mouth...while it was plugged in. Naturally he was completely unharmed by this, but when I looked at it later (after I realized it was no longer CHARGING my laptop), the end was totally fried...burned to a crisp...blackened. Jake ordered me a new one (knock-off...we are NOT paying $45 for a real Mac charger) and it just came today and works perfectly. What have we done with the old one, you ask? Why, it is now the "special toy" Cole gets to gnaw on for diaper changes (his LEAST favorite activity). On the plus side, this experience gave us some insight as to what will actually keep him occupied during a diaper change.

Although most people lament their children learning to crawl, I have fully embraced it. Since we are in full-on separation anxiety mode, crawling provides a MUCH needed distraction. There are now many times of the day where Cole will happily entertain himself, so long as I am sitting nearby (on the floor mind you), for over an hour! That has to be the equivalent of 3 hours for an average temperament lie. Hopefully once these videos are uploaded you all will get to see the latest things that Mr. Coley has been up to!

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