Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Yesterday Cole was super upset (I know, everyone is SHOCKED at this) and decided to dive off our queen size tempur-pedic bed to try to get to me. He fell on his face. I felt absolutely horrible about it as I knew I shouldn't have turned my back even for a split second with him on the bed, but he was in the MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING MATTRESS. Yesterday marked his official day 1 of crawling, as you can tell.

So just now I was about to give Cole a bath (due to a minor blowout, typical) and lo and behold he randomly careened forward from a sitting position. He fell on his face (again), but this time on linoleum (nice) instead of padded carpet. His nose was even bleeding...argh. I have a distinct feeling that he is going to be quite accident-prone. Jake always laughs at me and says that I am accident-prone...perhaps he inherited it.

Anyway, today has not been good for naps (although sleeping went quite well last night - 9pm to 3am, 3:15am to 8:45am). Jake went to the hospital early this morning and we won't see him again until sometime of his two overnight calls for this rotation (OB/Gyn).

I can NOT wait for Spring---all of this ridiculous snow and freezing weather has got to stop. I have a laundry list of things to do, including getting both cars in to the shop, but I would love for it to warm up so that those things will be easier to check off. It is difficult enough traveling with Cole by myself every time we need to do something, but to then have to bundle him up and run in and out of is too much. If you are thinking of starting a family, move to a warm climate first. I wish we had done this (not that we had an option to move...).

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