Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Night from Hell

It all started when big genius (aka me) decided that since Cole was so dead tired at 8:30pm I could simply transport him upstairs and place him in his crib without first bathing and changing, which is his usual bedtime routine. For the last few nights he has been sleeping from 9:30pm all the way to 7:30am or so, which is outstanding! So last night I did three no no's: skipped the bedtime routine, skipped the ibuprofen, & put him in bed a little less than an hour earlier.

Cole woke up at 9:45pm and I was able to put him back to sleep by rocking/nursing him for about 10 minutes or so. We had no cause for alarm as he does this quite often and typically goes back to bed for good for the night.

Cole woke up again at 11:00pm, so I went upstairs and tried rocking him again. This time we rocked for 30 minutes and he still was definitely not asleep, but instead was making these ridiculous babbling sounds in a half asleep state. I decided to put him in the crib, so we tried that for about an hour while he screamed and I attempted to pat his back and make shushing noises in his ear.

I finally got tired of it all so I sat him up in the middle of our bed, where he promptly stopped crying and began smiling and laughing at us (nice). I let him "play" for about 30 minutes and then tried to get him to sleep in between us. I think I nursed him to sleep at least 6 separate times (definitely an exaggeration, but that is what it felt like at 1:30am) with him waking and screaming. Jake, who of course had to work this morning and be at the hospital by 7am, took Cole up to the loft and finally Cole fell asleep with him around 2am.


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