Monday, January 18, 2010

Mom Survey

I was browsing this site looking for Facebook surveys and found this one...

"A Baby Was in My Tummy" Survey
Any complications while in labor? Nope, absolutely none (aside from the fact that a second year resident accidentally overestimated our progress early on and thus gave me an epidural about 3 hours too early, other than that no worries)
Did you have any morning sickness? Yes, just about all day from about 6 to 22 weeks (no actual throwing up, however)
What sort of things made you sick? Two words---marinara sauce
Did you have any weird food cravings? Not really, nothing worse than my usual food cravings
Any mid-night food runs? Nope
Who made them? N/a
Any thing you craved that wasn't so healthy? Really just wanted to eat bland stuff in the beginning---mashed no, not too unhealthy
How big was the baby? 8 lbs. 3 oz.
How long were you in labor? Water broke at 3:00 AM on 07/16, Cole was born at 3:07 PM 07/16, so about 12 hours
Where did you give birth? St. Vincent Women's Hospital, Indianapolis, IN
Do you plan to have another baby? Errr...yes, but not until Cole can be helpful (we're giving it about 3 years or so)

And this one...

"A Mom's World..." Survey
How many kids do you have? One
What kind of laundry soap do you use? Up & Up Free & Clear Concentrated for HE washers (Target brand)
What kind of dish soap do you use? Dawn Instant Foaming
Who does the dishes in your home? Both of us
Who takes out the trash in your home? Jake
Do your kids do chores? Ha.
How many times to you vacuum a week? I'd LIKE to vacuum the first floor two or three times weekly but end up only doing it maybe once a week
Do you make your bed everyday? For the most part, yes
Do your kids make their beds? Nope, but fortunately for him there is nothing to "make"
What is the most annoying things your kids do? Whine
Do your kids play sports? Is screaming for 4 hours a sport?
How often do you get a manicure? Once a year
How often do have a girls night out? Once a ...millennium
Are you a single parent? No
Did you have both parents growing up? Yes
How often to do go to the grocery store? Twice a week
What is your favorite thing your kids have done for you? Slept 7 hours in a row on the first stretch at night
How often do you sweep? Never
How often do you mop? Never
Do you have step kids? Nope
Was your mom good to you? Yep
Do you spank your kids?? Not yet...I wish I could sometimes, but unfortunately it wouldn't mean anything to Cole
Did you get spanked as a child? Yep
Did you have a good childhood? Yep
Do you think your kids have had a good childhood? Uhh definitely, thanks to the Orbit
Do you spoil your kids? Yes (Orbit)
Do you smoke? Nope
Do you drink? Nope
Do you bite your nails? Argh...yes. I stopped during pregnancy, but sometimes I still do it now
Do you yell a lot? YES
Are your kids well behaved? NO
Where is your favorite thing to cook? I love making fettucini Alfredo from scratch (pasta & all)
What is your kids favorite food? Currently it is banana in a mesh feeder OR cantaloupe puree
Do they eat veggies? Sortof...mainly carrots
Do you give them soda? Hahaha, no, but we have tried
Do you drink soda? Yes
What is your favorite movie? Emma
When was the last time you went to the movies? Late November I believe...or perhaps early December
Do you think you are a good mom? Sure...some days I am...but other days I lock my kid in the car for an hour.

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