Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mangos...the New Frontier

Last night Cole became the official number one fan of mango puree. Yes, it sounds odd, but he ate the entire container of stage 2 mango (3.5 oz), which is quite impressive considering he typically never finishes even a stage 1 fruit/veggie (2.5 oz). Sadly he did wake up last night and screamed for 2 full hours before going back to sleep (sleep training night #7). The worst part was that it was SO late...he slept from 9:20pm to 11:20pm and then screamed until 1:20am. Ugh. But we are trying not to be discouraged as we know that he will obviously have setbacks.

One setback, an ugly gross one, was the incredible and perfectly circular red rash under one of Cole's arms which we found last night at bathtime. It looks so red and angry, but we don't think it is bothering him based on his behavior. After checking it out with Jake's dad, he concluded that it is intertrigo.

An intertrigo is an inflammation (rash) of the body folds (adjacent areas of skin). An intertrigo sometimes refers to a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection that has developed at the site of broken skin due to such inflammation.

I started laughing when I read the definition...folds of skin...poor Cole is getting something that morbidly obese people get. Ahh, oh well. Today I'm letting him run (err...sit/attempt to crawl) around with no shirt on. We are trying to really instill the "Hoosier" in him ;-)

As for his mobility, I feel like any day now he will start scooting even more (right now he can somehow roll/scoot a full foot or so around wherever you put him...dangerous). So today I am going to compile a list of items we need to purchase for babyproofing the house. I have also been trying to work on making our home safer in general, one room at a time. This week that room happens to be the kitchen...oh joy.

Tonight Jake is doing one of his on call nights, so in honor of that, I think Cole and I are going to go out this afternoon and pick up a jumbo salad and breadsticks from Olive Garden. Love it!

I'll leave you with a funny note before I go. Today Cole was gnawing on this amazing stuffed dog our friend Emily got him before he was born, so I looked at him and said "Is that your puppy, Cole?" What did he do? He turned his head all the way around, away from me, and looked directly at Simba. How cool! Now I have to clean up my language.

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