Friday, January 15, 2010

The Greatest Day

EXCELLENT describes today. We started the day off right by having Cole sleep 7 hours in a row---yay! Cole and I left the house at 10:00 AM (I even had time to put makeup on, wow) and got to our Breastfeeding Support Group at St. Vincent at 10:30 AM. Cole had a great time looking/talking to all of the other babies and we ended up talking well past noon (when it actually ends). Then afterward a few of us decided to have a late lunch at Pucchini's, a local Italian place. Although by this time Cole was thoroughly overstimulated, he really did well at lunch and sat in his highchair about 50% of the time. I had the lunch special: an amazing side salad w/ Italian dressing (had tons of cheese, olives, tomato, you name it), two slices of double pepperoni pizza, and a large cherry Coke (my new guilty pleasure). It was so much fun! And now I feel way more human since I had my weekly dose of adult conversation.

Jake got home early today which was great (especially since our reject cat, Dolce, decided to jump on the pantry and knock over the glass pasta shattered into tiny slivers all over the kitchen floor). Tonight we hope to catch up on all of the shows we missed this week (and last, and the week before, etc etc) over some sweet & sour chicken Chinese food delivery. I am hoping Cole will go down a little earlier today since his naps were slim to none (two 20 minute naps...ewwww...bad news). Hope everyone out there has an amazing Friday night! We will be chilling out for the next two days... :-D

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