Friday, January 8, 2010

Been a Long Time...Sleep Update

I apologize for the ridiculous amount of time that has passed since blogging (not that anyone actually reads this). Jake, Cole, and I had a great time over the Christmas holiday. First we went to southern Indiana to spend Christmas with Jake's family, which was great. Cole loves being there with grandma & grandpa and aunt Sally & uncle Stu. On Christmas Day we left and headed back up to Indy so that Jake could work at the ER that evening (oh what fun he had...)

The very next day we headed to the airport with a crapload of bags and baby gear and hopped on a plane headed to Ft. Myers, Florida. From there we met up with my family (mom, dad, Sam, & Sam's boyfriend Render), but not before sitting on the runway in sweltering temperatures for about an hour.

You see, our fuel pump "malfunctioned" about 10 minutes before landing (I know, great), so the captain comes on and says something like this: "well, as you can see we stopped fairly quickly after landing and have not moved since...this is due to a problem we had with the fuel pump about 15 minutes before we landed. No worries---we are just waiting for someone to tow us to the gate...we should get you there shortly." Then about 30 minutes later: "We have just been notified that a tug is being escorted out to us and will be here shortly to bring us to the gate." Really? A tug (we called it the tugboat) needs a freaking ESCORT? What a joke.

Anyway, we got off the plane (finally) safe and sound and with no real delays (except for the runway fun we had). We all met up in the airport, jumped into two rental cars (the rental car places are located AT the the parking garage! just walk to your car, get in, and drive away! no shuttles!), and drove to Marco Island, Florida. We stayed in a nice rental home that had a great screened-in outdoor heated pool, which Cole LOVED (naturally).

We had a great time in Marco (I think it was probably my 12th time there), and got home safely with no delays...pretty lucky! Of course the trip was not quite as fun as it could have been due to Cole's sleeping difficulties that seemed to peak on vacation. We have had all sorts of problems...waking after one sleep cycle (35-55 minutes), screaming for hours on end at night even while being held and rocked, taking incredibly short name it.

This week I think we may have had a breakthrough when it comes to Cole's sleep. On Wednesday night we decided to fully take the plunge into sleep training, even though I had been pretty adamantly against it for quite some time. Cole simply left us no choice but to try a method of CIO (cry it out) training. I won't call it the Ferber method, because we are a bit more lax about it than that, but it certainly involves crying (unfortunately). We have allowed Cole to cry before, but that was when he was younger and lets just say it definitely did NOT work (he has cried 5 hours straight before...not your typical kid).

Wednesday night he cried an hour and 15 minutes (pretty good) and last night he cried an hour and a half (still pretty good in our book). The positive is that we have done some nap training as well and he was able to put himself to sleep (from a drowsy state) in 15 minutes today for his morning nap! I am hoping that this is a trend and that he only improves on the whole (we expect to have individual setbacks, however). I'll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes...

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