Monday, December 21, 2009

Time is Slipping Away!

I thought I would have PLENTY of time to pack for our Florida trip over the past couple of weeks, but lo and behold, I have COMPLETELY procrastinated! It is now Monday and I only have a few things laid out for myself and Cole and can not even begin to think how we will do everything we need to do today and tomorrow. We leave for Jake's parents' house on Wednesday after his lecture (around noon or so), so we have to have bags for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then we come back to Indy on Christmas day so Jake can work the 6-midnight shift at St. Vincent...meanwhile I will be doing some last loads of laundry and making sure that we have everything ready to go and at the back door for the next day.

Jake's med school friend is nice enough to take our car with us to the airport and park it back in our garage in addition to taking care of our cat AND getting our mail---such a great guy! Then he is picking us back up (in our car) when we get back to Indy...yay! So no worries about parking and whether or not certain lots are full during this crazy travel time at the airport.

Although I am panicked about getting everything done before we fly out, today has been a super productive day. Cole and I got up at 10:30 AM and I was actually able to get dressed AND put makeup on while he bounced away in his doorway jumper. He had a fake morning nap (where he just babbled to himself in the crib for 30 minutes) and I was able to run a load of dishes and clean all of the non-dishwasher ones in the sink (which were really starting to stack up!) Then Cole started to cry so I put him in his exersaucer (again) where he played happily while I picked up the entire first floor, vacuumed the wood and carpeted areas, and vacuumed the couches.

Watching me work made Cole tired, so he has been sleeping since about 1:15 PM on the couch next to me...perilously...with his arm hanging off...I am paranoid he is going to I put a pillow on the ground next to him just in Here are the rest of the things on our "to do" list for today and tomorrow:
  • Fully pack for Florida using 2 suitcases (Jake, Amanda, & Cole)
  • Re-evaluate/re-stock diaper bag & Orbit stroller bag for traveling on the plane
  • Throw together overnight bags for New Albany trip (Jake, Amanda, & Cole)
  • Change sheets in master bedroom
  • Make bed in loft bedroom
  • Put together list of things to remember to pack on Christmas
  • Clean out fridge
  • Clean off kitchen counter
  • Load car with gifts & overnight bags & Sally's coat
That's all for now...hope everyone is having a great Christmas so far!

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