Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Beginning Friday, December 4th, Cole decided he was pretty much incapable of sleeping more than a three hour stretch without waking during the night. Ever since then, this has been our nighttime schedule:
*7:30 PM bath time
*8:00 PM PJs
*8:15 PM final feeding
*8:45 PM asleep & in crib
*9:30 PM awake & screaming (we go in & put his pacifier back in, turn him on his side, & leave)
*9:45 PM back to sleep in crib
*12:30 AM awake & screaming (again go in, put pacifier in, turn him, & leave)
*1:00 AM FINALLY asleep again
*4:00 AM awake & screaming (feed him, then back to sleep in his crib)
*5:00 AM FINALLY asleep again
*6:30 AM awake & screaming (use pacifier, but typically by this point he is NOT going back to sleep)
*7:30 AM FINALLY asleep again, but this time next to me in bed...argh
*9:30 AM awake for the day

So the wonderful thing about this is that now I officially have insomnia. Even during the times that Cole is actually asleep, I can never get to sleep because I KNOW it is only a matter of minutes before he is up again. Yesterday I got tired of his incredibly short 40 minute naps on top of his not sleeping at night, so I did the "no no"---I put him in the swing. He slept for 4 hours. Nice!

Last night I put him in the swing after fighting with him for an hour and he then slept from 10 to 5am with no wakings. I don't want to start a bad habit, but we may not have any options.

I just tried putting him in his crib for his afternoon nap 30 minutes ago, and what do you know, he is awake and screaming 30 minutes later...per usual.

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