Saturday, December 12, 2009

It has been awhile...per usual.

A few updates...Cole is no longer sleeping at night. It is great, what can I say? I am hoping this is a phase due to him being on the edge of learning a couple of new things (rolling over and sitting up)---I have heard their brains work on overdrive through the night when they are about to reach certain milestones which can cause more nightwaking. Update number two---our beautiful white Christmas tree is on its last leg (half the lights don't work and the branches are drooping severely due to Dolce frolicking on them one too many times). Needless to say we will be purchasing a new one after Christmas...7.5 (thought we would go more traditional now that we have Cole, lol)...prelit with LED twinkle lights. We are hoping to get a great deal on it, but who knows. Update number three---new pictures are up (see album "Thanksgiving and Beyond..."). And the best update---Cole had a massive laughing fit on Friday and it was pretty much hysterical :-D

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