Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow---it has been a while ;-)

Although I am sure hardly anyone actually reads this (lol), I feel bad for completely punking out and going an entire month without blogging. Cole has made leaps and bounds in his development. Here are some of the things he has accomplished or is working on:
  • babbles CONSTANTLY
  • can halfway entertain himself enough to be not so grumpy in his carseat
  • now loves strolling anywhere (in his new Quinny Buzz 3...see picture)
  • has much fewer tummy aches now that I have been dairy free for almost two full months
  • went through a slight sleep regression, but is on his way back on track and typically sleeping a 6-7 hour stretch initially followed by a 3 hour stretch and then he is up for the day (yay for only one nighttime feeding!)
  • cut his eating time down from 35-45 minutes every 1.5-2 hours to 15-25 minutes every 2-3 hours (thanks to Dr. Hazelbaker in Columbus & Dr. Nancy in Carmel who do his craniosacral therapy)
  • has 3 regular (but short) naps each day (9am, 1pm, & 4pm)
  • now almost enjoys tummy time (using a rolled blanket or Boppy under his arms/chest)
  • kindof likes sitting/standing in his brand new (hideous) exersaucer
There is a TON more, but of course I can't remember it at this moment and Cole is getting tired of laying under his gym...duty calls.

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