Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Pretty Good Day

Today has gone miraculously smoothly...
  • 3:20am Cole feeding
  • 4:35am back to sleep
  • 6:30am Cole feeding
  • 7:00am back to sleep
  • 9:00am Cole feeding
  • 10:00am bath (for ME...imagine! And Cole just sat there resting on the Boppy, perfectly content!)
  • 11:00am Cole feeding
  • 11:35am lunch (made myself an AMAZING turkey-bacon dairy of course, but excellent nonetheless
  • 11:45am Cole's naptime/Amanda's FREE TIME (currently typing and watching Paula Deen...hope to vacuum the 2nd floor and get some laundry going too)
It may not sound like much, but aside from 2 or 3 five-minute fussy periods, this morning has been great! I am hoping Cole will nap at least until 2pm, but 3pm would be even better. Lately he has gotten away from those super long naps and I would like to get BACK to that...we'll see.

We have pretty good news about Cole's feeding troubles---as you may know, on Monday we went to visit a special lactation consultant and therapist in Columbus, Ohio who has done quite a bit of research on infant tongue-tie. The trip over was great as Cole managed to sleep the entire 3 hours! We had a two hour session with Dr. Hazelbaker where she promptly diagnosed him with Torticollis. This is a condition in which the head is tilted toward one side, and the chin is elevated and turned toward the opposite side. It can have some fairly devestating effects on breastfeeding and symptoms mimic that of tongue-tie which explains quite a bit! His Torticollis is moderate and most certainly not severe. There are a few different types, but Cole has Congenital Muscular Torticollis which is present from birth. Needless to say, it was GREAT to finally put a name to Cole's many feeding issues!

During Monday's visit Dr. Hazelbaker did some cranio-sacral therapy on Cole. I actually watched as this fairly large bump on the left side of his forehead completely shifted and flattened before my very eyes! She even managed to open up his throat a bit which was excellent. He is now feeding much better due to the treatment, although I still have some pain. She thinks since Cole responded so well to the first treatment that it may only take one or two more treatments, which would be great!

Cole and I will be driving back to Columbus for another treatment next Tuesday. We plan to leave at noon the day before (Monday) and check in to this brand new Hyatt Place hotel about 5 miles from Dr. Hazelbaker's practice. This should allow us to get some better rest the night before so that I am not falling asleep on the drive home (as I did this past time...argh). We will be sure to keep you updated on Cole's progress!

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