Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am Officially a Stay-at-Home Mom!

Yes---you heard it here first folks :-) I have decided to stay home with Cole and will not be returning to Heartland Truly Moving Pictures. So far life has been rough, but it is nothing compared to what I would have to endure going back to work. Jake and I are so happy that we have been blessed with this option and are excited for the future.

Oh and Cole has been doing so much better ever since Friday! He loves his new "My Baby Nest" carrier and even lasted almost through the entire church service on Sunday morning sleeping in it. Although we don't have a set in stone schedule, he does manage to sleep each night from about 10:30 PM to 4:00 AM and has gone longer a few times. He also takes a very long nap each afternoon...typically 3 hours or so! Now when he cries, he is trying to find his fist/fingers to suck on in order to start the self-soothing process. And Jake and I are actually able to comfort him about 50% of the time WITHOUT feeding him. The feedings are still going about every hour to hour and 15 minutes, but we think this "cluster feeding" is due to his need to sleep in large blocks (he is "storing up"). Hopefully Cole keeps getting better and better each week!

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