Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Exciting Night

Last night around 11:00 PM as I was attempting to go to sleep the right side of my mid to lower back began hurting. Initially it was mild to moderate and I thought perhaps I had sprained/strained a muscle, but by midnight I knew I should take some Tylenol. The Tylenol did virtually NOTHING for me. I waited and gave it until 2pm to get better, but unfortunately the pain only got worse...much worse.

I became concerned that perhaps I had a UTI that had turned into a kidney infection, so I called the doctor on call at 2:00 AM. Jake and I went ahead and left for the women's hospital at 2:45 AM and arrived there around 3:10 AM. The staff was INCREDIBLY wonderful and there was no one waiting to be admitted, so the process was as smooth as possible.

We went to triage where they hooked me up to monitors---turns out I was contracting irregularly (not that anyone could tell over the crazy back pain), but certainly was not in active labor. They tested for a UTI but unfortunately the test results came back negative. It was determined at the hospital that the pain was probably due to a "muscle spasm" (ha---right) or the positioning of the baby. Without going into TOO much detail, the baby's head is VERY VERY low to say the least.

I was sent home with a prescription for some type of bladder sedative (which did help my constant "going" a bit) and told to take Tylenol for the back pain. Unfortunately the Tylenol did absolutely NOTHING to even cut the pain. Although the physician at the hospital said I should just reschedule my Wednesday AM usual appointment since they had done everything, Jake and I thought I should try to go anyway since I was still in so much pain.

I somehow dragged myself out of bed and managed to only move muscles that were absolutely necessary for walking to the car. My doctor was amazing---I got the feeling that she completely understood the type of pain that I was dealing with. She explained that although it could be a kidney stone, the pain would have already started to move further down by now which it had not done. The general course of treatment for a kidney stone is hydration and pain medication, so she said that is how we would proceed. She wrote me a prescription for Vicodin and let me tell you I don't think I have ever been more grateful.

I went back to the pharmacy and filled the script, drove back home, ate a bowl of cereal, and took one Vicodin. It really worked so well from about 11am through 3pm and allowed me to sleep a little bit. Right now I am trying to stave off and take my second and final pill for the day closer to 7 or 8pm tonight so that I can utilize it in order to be able to sleep tonight. Needless to say I did NOT go in to work today. I even had to cancel my scheduled eye doctor appointment that had been for this afternoon.

My guess is that tomorrow will be another day at home for me as this baby does not seem to be moving away from its now favorite spot. Jake and I would appreciate your prayers that this "phase" passes quickly, either ending with delivery OR a miraculous recovery with no more of this pain. My next regular appointment is for next Wednesday morning and I am hoping that by this time something has changed...

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