Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ode to the Indiana University School of Medicine

I would love to be able to blog about what is ACTUALLY driving me absolutely insane, but unfortunately I am not in a position to do so at this time. Instead, I will vent about IUSOM. Jake just received information about his upcoming rotation, Neurology, which begins on Monday. We had thought that this rotation would be similar to Psychiatry in that it would be a Monday-Friday 4 week rotation with 2 calls. Well it is not. Apparently Jake is expected to spend one entire day off with his newborn each week for the next four weeks---wow! How GRACIOUS.

Apparently the "rules" (ha) for this new rotation include working Monday-Friday at least until 4pm (no problem), or until all of the daily work has been completed (again, fine). Then he gets to "choose" (of course having to do this with his team and be aware of all other schedules) which weekend day he would like to have off. The generosity abounds folks. Add to this Jake's job which includes 6 hour (sometimes 10 hour) shifts at the St. Francis Emergency Room every week and a half or so and we've got a great environment for a newborn.

Ordinarily I would not be so ticked off about this fairly "normal" third year medical school experience, but, you see, I now have a different view about how this program runs. We actually know other students who began their third year a few weeks ago with a Family Medicine rotation. In Family Medicine, IU can pretty much send you anywhere in this entire ridiculous state (it really is a wonderful option...for the school, that is). So instead of notifying these students at least a week or two in advance of beginning their rotation, the school decides it is appropriate to notify them about their rotation location the Friday before it begins.

I am sure the email read something like this: "Dear Sucker (aka MS3), We are pleased to inform you that you will be spending the next four weeks of your life in...(fill in the blank)...GARY, INDIANA! No wait, Fort Wayne, Indiana! Actually, we aren't sure...but just know you are going to need to move out of Indianapolis this weekend. Oh and housing? Yeah, we're not really sure about that one either. But rest assured we will let you know at least by Sunday at midnight. And if not, there's always a Best Western nearby!"

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Jake and the other students are receiving very pointed emails about being sure they meet "important deadlines" for paperwork, training, registration, etc. Pretty much hysterical to think about both of these issues in the same breath.

So I am done with my rant for the day. We have 17 days to go...(actually 16 by the doctor's calculations). Hopefully IU can find it in their hearts (deep, WAY down deep) to allow my husband to attend the birth of his first child. With the way things go up here, it is anyone's guess.

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Luke & Ashley Ernstberger said...

Hi Amanda....

I hear all your frustrations for sure! It definitely has been a learning experience with this whole med school thing.

I don't know where Jake will be doing his neuro rotation, but Luke is finishing his this week...and I must say that his rotation was very, very lenient. I am only saying this to maybe bring you some kind of peace of mind because of course he should be able to spend time with you and the baby!

Anyway...Luke didn't miss any days (didn't have to), but he initially said he would be working every weekend at least one day, but he has only worked two weekend days total, and they were like at 6 a.m. until 9 a.m. He has worked two call days, but he has gotten home by 7:30 on each of them instead of 10 like scheduled.

So...yes...they make tons of demands about how you "must" be there the whole time and you will "have" to work weekends etc etc etc...but he has found it not to be all that true.

I hope that helps...a little!? Of course Jake could get slammed with a completely different experience, but this is what Luke has dealt with thus far. He was at Wishard for 2 weeks and Riley the last 2 weeks.