Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big News

This morning I had one of my usual weekly doctor appointments and I was really REALLY hoping she would tell me something positive as far as my progression. It turns out all of the horrible pain I endured Friday-Tuesday was worth it---I have definitely progressed! The doctor really thinks I will deliver within a week from now, but if for some reason I have not by my next Wednesday appointment, she will induce me next Friday, July 24th. The positive part is because I have progressed so much already, inducing me the day after the official due date (July 23rd) will NOT increase my risk of a C-section, which is excellent.

When I got home from the appointment today I almost immediately started having contractions. They are anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes apart at this point and although they are fairly painless, they have not stopped coming since about noon which leads me to believe this may be the beginning of real labor. The funniest part is that everyone keeps telling me "you'll know when you are in labor" but even with these contractions, the only indication I am given that I am in the middle of one is that it becomes INCREDIBLY difficult to breathe for 45 seconds to one minute. What a strange sensation...but I'm not complaining---it beats hurting for now. In the last hour I have also started having some slight twinges in my we'll see. It may stall out overnight, or it could go into full blown active labor...who knows.

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