Monday, July 13, 2009

Any Day Now...

Beginning Friday I have had some pretty compelling signs that I am in "pre-labor" and those have continued all the way through the weekend and into today. Let me tell you---not so fun---but the cool thing is that it means we are just a bit closer to actually delivering, so ultimately any pain is worth it.

On a different note, Jake bought me the BEST blueberry bagels the other day from O'Malia's and I am in love! Many of you know I was pretty obsessed with Dooley's, a bagelcatessen in Louisville. Einstein Bagels just does NOT compare and unfortunately that is pretty much all we have up here. I am hoping to buy a ton of these new bagels (can't even remember the brand) and freeze them for later!

Technically today marks 10 days until our official due date (according to the Dr.: 07/23/09)...we will keep you posted!

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