Thursday, June 11, 2009

Work Baby Shower

In just a couple of minutes we will start our work baby shower---I have a co-worker (Susan) who is due just after me on August 9th and so Heartland has decided to celebrate. I can already smell the pizza...nice :-)

This week has been fairly busy for Jake and I---on Monday we had new frieze carpet installed in the first floor living room and it looks so nice now! Jake had a suturing seminar for his new position working in the St. Francis (Beech Grove) ER and he begins that tonight on his first 6-midnight shift. Tomorrow we have an electrician coming to install brand new junction boxes in 4 of our light fixtures so that we can easily install fans in the nursery, master bedroom and two miniature fans in the loft. We are hoping this will help circulate the air and cool the house...who knows. Adding a fan to your nursery can reduce the risk of SIDS by 70%, though, and so this is the primary reason why we have decided to add one to the baby's room.

Next Monday Jake has orientation for his third year and on Tuesday he has an additional orientation for his first rotation---Psychiatry at the VA hospital. He will then actually BEGIN his rotation next Wednesday.

We did find out some SUPER EXCITING news yesterday, however...drum roll please...

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