Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dr. Appointment Tomorrow

So this Thursday marks 35 weeks for us---it is crazy how close we are to delivery! This past weekend Jake was nice enough to spend at least 3 hours wrestling with our nursery fan. It is finally up and looks great! Yesterday we got our Orbit Toddler Stroller seat and it also looks amazing! We have pictures of both the fan and the stroller posted (check out the Orbit Baby Travel System album and the Completed Nursery album).

My last day at work before going on maternity leave will be July 10th, although it will be interesting what the doctor has to say about that tomorrow. So far everything has been fairly uneventful, but this past weekend and during the last few days I have had a couple of strange symptoms that may indicate I will be delivering earlier rather than later. I'll be sure to keep you posted once we find anything out.

In other news, Jake had his MS3 orientation yesterday and is currently in intercession for his first block of rotations today. Tomorrow if officially his first day as a third year on rotations! He will be doing a 4 week psychiatry rotation at the VA hospital here in Indianapolis. He can definitely use your prayers as he has already been forewarned about the dangers of psych patients. At first I thought he was joking about some of the "tips" he received yesterday in orientation, but it turns out he was being serious. Nice! Luckily this is not a specialty he is incredibly interested in...

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