Wednesday, June 24, 2009

36 Weeks Tomorrow

Yesterday and today I have had a few very irregular contractions---it is too bad they aren't showing up in some sort of pattern already. I would be completely fine with giving birth in the next week, no problem. There are still TONS of things I have left on my "to do" list, though. The saddest part is that once I complete a task, I end up having to add an additional one to the list. Fortunately we really do have more than the basics covered as far as this baby's arrival and so whatever has not been done by that time can wait.

Jake completed his first week of Psych rotations at the VA hospital last week and also managed to squeeze in a night shift at St. Francis on Sunday evening. I am so proud of him for working so diligently already while he is only in his third year! Most people I know do not even have 10% of his dedication. Psych definitely has its drawbacks---I figure after this 4 week rotation Jake will have caught a glimpse of what the staffing world is REALLY like. Then we will be on a more level playing field. ;-)

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