Monday, June 29, 2009

25 Days Left :-)

I just realized today that we only have 25 days left until the due date! It is crazy how fast time flies. I do have a hunch that this baby will come early---sadly enough I have a feeling it might coincide with Jake's birthday (July 3rd) if it is anything like I was (due May 27th, born May 7th). We will have a better idea about that after my appointment this Wednesday morning.

This weekend was fairly uneventful. I organized, scratch that---REORGANIZED both bedroom closets for about the 5th time in the last 3 months, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, created yet another pile of "give-away" clothes, bought a brand new GE halogen toaster oven (to replace the one that completely died on us), picked up a changing table pad, and baked a homemade apple crisp (with the help of some T. Marzetti's mix). The sad part about this weekend is that I WANTED to do more laundry, vacuum the first and second levels, put up the mobile and wall decal, and clean the downstairs bathroom. Argh. Of course none of that got done.

I also forgot to mention last week that it is official---as of Friday I could no longer wear my rings (well, technically I could, but I would be at risk of gangrene I believe). The POSITIVE part about these final weeks, however, is that I believe my weight has finally stabilized and hopefully I will not gain any more before the baby comes :-) I am currently exactly where I need to be and I would like to stay there.

...8 more full days of work before maternity leave...

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