Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Festivities

Today marks 31 weeks -- our baby weighs about as much as 4 naval oranges (or 3.3 pounds) and is about 16 inches long!

In about 2 hours Jake and I will be on the road from Indy to New Albany with ENTIRELY too many things we have packed for the upcoming week. We hope to lay around tomorrow, possibly swim, and definitely get some cinnamon ice cream from the Pie Kitchen :-) Stuart's graduation party will be on Sunday which should be fun, and then on Monday it is off to Nashville!

Sally has been kind enough to agree to watch the crazy animals (aka Bella, Dolce, & Simba) while we are visiting Kyle & Tiff --- they had better be good and not ridiculous as usual. We plan to meet Kyle & Tiff at Zaxby's for lunch on the way in Monday and have a huge list of restaurants to go to while we are in Nashville as well: Cheeseburger Charlie's, Otter's, (NOT Christopher's Pizza...sadness that they closed)...I'll be sure to update you after the trip to let you know of any other super cool places we decide to go to :-) I know Tiff has been dying to take me to this new shopping area in Green Hills---sounds incredibly fun to me!

Jake got amazing news yesterday---the job he applied for at St. Francis Hospital's ER he did end up getting! And even better news was that he actually gets to be on a team as opposed to being an alternate (which means his schedule will be a bit more solidified---that will help with the baby being born soon!)

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