Friday, May 15, 2009

30 Weeks!

Well today marks 30 weeks along for me (technically yesterday marks that since the OB thinks my due date is 07/23, but what-ev). I just noticed on our countdown it is 70 days from now! So crazy...

My first baby shower is this weekend in Lexington (hosted by my wonderful cousins Stacy & Shannon)---it should be great!! Mom flew in yesterday afternoon so that she can be there for the shower. Also, tomorrow is our big 3D/4D ultrasound---I promise to post pictures as soon as possible. Hopefully the face won't give away the gender...I am thinking we're safe, though.

Work has been incredibly stressful this week. Hopefully I can make it through next week fine---after that we will be traveling over Memorial Day week to Southern Indiana and Nashville to visit with friends and family and have yet ANOTHER shower in New Albany this time.

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