Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Photo Album

We just posted a brand new photo album titled "Baby Eichenberger - Completed Nursery" that includes pictures of our Amy Coe (discontinued) rocker and ottoman as well as our Patrick the Playful Pup Organic Gym/Playmat from FAO Schwarz. Although it says we have completed the nursery, we are still waiting on our custom blinds to arrive and once those are up and we put the decal on the wall, I think it will actually be "completed."

Tonight we went to our fourth and final childbirth preparation class at St. Vincent Women's Hospital. The class has been so great (pretty fun/funny and not boring which is nice) and we have learned a lot of practical information.

Well I am going to go so that I can get to bed...and stop Simba from biting all of his toenails off. Crazy dog.

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