Friday, April 24, 2009


Jake and I have been fairly busy these past few weeks as there is a lot going on with both work and school. I just finished up quite a few events last week and this week for work and Jake is currently studying for his last MS2 finals that begin this coming Monday. He will officially be done with his second year on May 8th---the day after my birthday!

We finally got Jake's rotation schedule a couple of weeks ago, and just because I am a nerd, I am going to post it here:

Intersession - Medicine/Neurology/Psychiatry *June 16, 2009*
Psychiatric Clerkship *June 17, 2009-July 10, 2009*
Core Clerkship - Neurosensory *July 13, 2009-August 7, 2009*
Intersession - Medicine/Neurology/Psychiatry *August 10, 2009*
Medicine Clerkship *August 11, 2009-October 2, 2009*

Intersession - Pediatrics/Family Medicine *October 5, 2009-October 6, 2009*
Vacation (Jake will do an elective instead) *October 7, 2009-October 30, 2009*
Family Medicine Clerkship *November 2, 2009-November 25, 2009*
Pediatrics Clerkship *November 30, 2009-January 29, 2010*

Intersession - Surgery/Obstetrics *February 1, 2010-February 2, 2010*
Obstetrics and Gynecology *February 3, 2010-March 9, 2010*
Surgical Specialty/Anesthesia *March 10, 2010-April 13, 2010*
Surgery Clerkship *April 14, 2010-May 21, 2010

As you can see, it will be a fairly busy year for Jake! On the positive side, he is very lucky to have a Neuro rotation around the time of the birth instead of a rotation with more of a psychotic schedule (aka surgery or OB). He has not decided which elective to choose in place of vacation, but it will be nice to "bank" that vacation for next year so that he can essentially have two full months of time off to interview for residency programs as well as relax (and hopefully have some fun...we are thinking Disney...possibly a cruise ;-)

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