Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blinds Are In :-)

So good news is that the blinds have come in---bad news is that we are so super lazy and have yet to actually put them up in the nursery. This weekend is a big weekend for us---we will be traveling from Indy down to New Albany Thursday evening (staying in Jake's parents' brand new home) for Erin's upcoming wedding on Saturday!

I am excited to get to be in my very first wedding ever (aside from my own), and I am HOPING that I don't grow exponentially and am suddenly unable to fit into the bridesmaid dress, lol. So we have the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner on Friday, then the wedding on Saturday. My parents are coming in as well, so it should be great :-)

We will be sure to post pictures of the blinds once we finally have the energy to put them up...

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