Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Orbit Travel System...Arriving Monday!

I am incredibly excited, to say the least, that our Orbit Travel System is arriving at our doorstep on Monday! Actually, it is currently in Indianapolis sitting in a hub, but unfortunately UPS will not let me pick it up. Dumb.

Next week marks a pretty stressful one for me---we have a board meeting on Tuesday and although they are never a huge deal, everyone seems to make them out as though if the slightest thing goes wrong, the organization will go up in smoke. Needless to say I have been "preparing" for a while now (meeting location reservation, catering, RSVPs, document "packets," etc.) After Tuesday, however, I should be free as a bird.

The week after next I am traveling to NYC with mom for a spa and shopping trip---it should be super fun! And the good news is that my appetite is back in full force (no more marinara aversion!) so I will be able to enjoy every ounce of La Mela and Serendipity :-)

Today was a fairly productive day---Jake spent his morning (9:30 AM - 2:30 PM) working/volunteering at a brand new free clinic here in Indy. I slept in until 10:00 AM and then used the next 4 hours to do 3 loads of laundry, change the sheets, make the bed, and "de-fur" the quilt and matching shams in addition to the bathroom rugs. Sidenote: My brand new "toy" is our Bissell Pet Hair Eraser---ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I highly recommend it. It is the ONLY thing that takes the hair off our microfiber sectional sofa which makes it worth getting.

After doing all of that cleaning and getting myself dressed and ready, Jake came home and we went to visit two different flooring places to look at carpet. Initially we were thinking about carpeting the entire house (which would be 1,750 sq. ft. minus the wood on the first floor, two bathrooms, and nursery, which equals about 1,000 sq. ft. of new carpet). Although there are some good deals going on right now, I think we have re-thought this idea and will probably just be purchasing new carpet for the 10x15 square on the first floor (surrounded by wood) to make it a bit safer and conceal those now EXPOSED tack boards.

To make long story short, we have chosen a style and color as well as a store and hopefully we will go back to return the samples and talk about when we can have it installed. We are going to move the furniture, tear up the existing carpet, and haul away the existing carpet ourselves to save some cash. I'll definitely keep you posted as we go through this process...

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