Friday, March 6, 2009

Last Night = Outrageous

I realized this morning that I am still so ticked off about last night's American Idol Wildcard episode that I should probably go ahead and create a new posting about it so as to get all of it off my chest...

Here are a few equations I learned last night:

1.) American Idol = Pretty Girls In + Talented Guys Out + Tatiana (aka "Psycho Drama Queen Extraordinaire with Serious Case of Multiple Personality Disorder") Coddler

2.) Simon = Drugs + Fox's Hidden Agenda + No White Males Allowed

3.) Randy = Biggest Tool Known to Mankind + "Uhh...Ditto to Simon Dawg"

I would love to explain what I really thought about last night, as the above is quite toned down, but unfortunately I am still concerned about how I sound/look to others and it wouldn't be "politically correct" to actually pinpoint what the real issue has come down to on this season of American Idol.

As my friend Carly stated it so perfectly, "rejection is protection" and I completely agree. Ricky Braddy does not need Fox's American Idol, which has now officially become a beauty pageant and popularity contest. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it would have hindered his ability to make money in the end. At this point Ricky still has negotiating abilities that the rest of those contestants do not have---let the labels fight it out for him.

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