Monday, March 2, 2009

Blizzards on the East Coast?

So this must be the first time this winter that there have been crazy storms that never once touched Louisville or Indianapolis, ha. Mom came up to Louisville for Erin's bridal shower on Saturday and her flight Sunday (along with all of the flights from Louisville to Atlanta on Sunday) was cancelled due to severe wind. Turns out Atlanta ended up getting about 4 inches of snow! That was so crazy...

Anyway---tomorrow is Jake & I's "big" ultrasound where they check on all of the anatomy to make sure everything is developing correctly. Coincidentally, it is also our 2 year anniversary :-) We have reservations at the Melting Pot here in Indy for tomorrow night, so that should be fun.

I am still pretty nauseous most of the time, but my regimen of Unisom helps with that a bit. I am trying to be more adventuresome in the foods that I am ordering/eating. The aversions still get to me, though. I had hoped before that my appetite/stomach would return to normal at some point during this pregnancy, but unfortunately I am beginning to think that this may be as good as it gets until delivery. Argh.

Jake and I still have yet to put up the changing table, but I hope to accomplish that sometime tonight and take pictures to put up on the site. I am interested to see how it will look with the crib...and Erin already gave us our first nursery accessory---a beautiful blue & grey mirrored, mosaic vase. I hope to be able to put some type of flower arrangement or candle in it...who knows :-)

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