Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Beginning yesterday I felt the baby actually move! I am a little over 16 weeks (17 on Friday) and it has happened a couple of times today as well. Pretty exciting :-)

In other news, Jake and I purchased our crib and changing table. It was SUCH a steal! We were originally going to get an Amy Coe crib & changer from Babies 'R Us, but Overstock.com had an amazing deal on designer David Netto Cub cribs and changers. We pu
rchased both (shipped) for about $350 (which happens to be the cost of JUST the crib at Babies 'R Us alone!) Hopefully they will send me a tracking number soon so I'll have a better idea about when it gets here.

Today's high is 62 degrees! I almost put the moonroof down this morning on my way in to work...until I realized that probably wasn't smart since it was still in the fifties. This evening I will DEFINITELY be rockin' the moonroof (if it doesn't rain).

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