Friday, February 6, 2009

Doctor Appointment Update

Monday's appointment went well and luckily was very quick. The baby's heart rate was 150 beats per minute and the doctor said I was "right on track" for weight gain (whatever that means). We have our "big" ultrasound to check on the anatomy on March 3rd, coincidentally our 2nd anniversary. Jake and I want to keep the gender a surprise, though.

The bad news is that the nausea started out pretty bad Monday and has only gotten worse. Today I took a half day because it got fairly unbearable. On a more positive note, Jake and I just came back from Olive Garden where I chowed down on salad, a breadstick, and about 1/6 of my chicken scampi (best entree there, no doubt, especially since there is no marinara sauce). It actually tasted good to me, which was SO great!

We also stopped by DSW to return some shoes that fit me a week ago, but unfortunately do not fit me now as my foot has already grown apparently. After that we went to Babies 'R Us and checked out the crib and changing table that we hope to get. We found out that it is not in stock in store and has not been in stock online for quite some time. Oh well, we are not in a rush. We will probably end up ordering it from the store eventually.

Well I've got to get going---the dogs are trying to kill each other again and someone's got to watch (it does little to try and stop them). I have updated the Baby Eichenberger album with the most recent belly picture. It is not super attractive, but definitely the largest I have been in my life.

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