Monday, February 16, 2009

The Crib and Changing Table Have Arrived!

The exciting news for us today is that the crib and changing table were both delivered this morning at 9:17 AM. The not so exciting news is that Jake was actually there to bring it inside because he is sick...yuck.

In other news, the baby is being a lot more forceful with its movements. Instead of noticing kicks once a day, in the afternoon, I am now noticing them much more frequently and at all times of the day. Last night was the first time I actually got to SEE a kick, pretty cool.

The nausea has almost completely left me, although it can still be triggered by random things (that is to be expected, however). The issue now is just finding an appetite to eat anything. I still have quite a few food aversions which makes it hard to find a variety of items to eat, so I am still working on that.

We will be sure to post pictures as soon as possible of the crib, changing table, and nursery as we set everything up (beginning tonight)!

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