Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Lied

So just as I very matter-of-factly stated I would be updating more frequently, I chose not to. Nice. Let's see---we have had a great Christmas so far. We spent Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in Lexington, KY visiting with family (Aunt Marty and cousin Stacy and their families, Uncle Jennings and his family, and the Survants---our long-time friends).

The rest of our time (Friday-Sunday) was spent with Jake's family in Floyds Knobs. Jake's mom, Stephanie, had her birthday on December 26th which we celebrated by seeing "Yes Man" with Jim Carey. It was a pretty good one...nothing like Benjamin Button, but oh well.

We got to have lunch with both of our families on Saturday at the Cheesecake Factory in Louisville (LOVE that place) and went shopping after ;-) We hope to have some new holiday pictures up soon...

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