Monday, October 6, 2008


Well I am sitting here on the couch doing absolutely NOTHING and trying to forget that I need to get dressed and leave for work. Mondays are not fun to say the least, and this Monday is not going to be fun for Jake---today is the dreaded Neuro exam. I can't wait until Wednesday night---we are going to "Squeeze" smoothie shop to celebrate the end of this round of exams for him.

PS---OJ was convicted of kidnapping and robbery and will now serve a LIFE SENTENCE. Good riddance. You would think if you escaped getting convicted for two murders you obviously committed, you would lay fairly low and not write a book about a "fictional" account of how you "might" have killed those people. And surely you would not go into a casino and hold two employees at gunpoint screaming about memorabilia that they supposedly "stole" from you. But maybe not, who knows.

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