Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Pictures Up

I added a few pictures from the Heartland Premiere of Disney's "Tinker Bell" (yes, they have now changed that to be two words...strange). Mackenzie had tons of fun from what I gather and they had all kinds of fun things for all of the kids to do at the party afterwards. I especially loved the amazing hand-painted cookies from The Whimsical Whisk---inchworms, fairies, and flowers. I am too afraid to eat one b/c they look so nice...I am sure I will get over that fear fairly quickly.

We are preparing for Halloween and have about 8 massive bags of candy in the pantry. Of course, I have opened four of those bags already. I even brought some to work with me yesterday while at the UA theatre downtown all day and night.

Today is the Castleton AMC---they do such an incredible job there. I think Emily and I may Olive Garden it up tonight...let's hope...

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